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We believe in giving respect to the people who work hard to make us proud. It is our promise that all your work and dedication are recognized and appreciated at Peach IT. And it is not our complement but it is the reward for your commitment and devotion towards the work that we give through the 'benefits'. Since you all form a strong cornerstone to the company, we equally value your family, health, finance and all your needs.

  • An established corporate culture that gives you enough space and freedom to make yourself and your family happy with more fun and lively atmosphere
  • Admiration in forms of yearly performance incentive to every little effort you are putting in extra
  • Health is exactly the primary wealth we must all establish. The flexible health coverage plans inclusive of the all-time medical assistance at the company, reimbursement plans, dental and vision coverage and other health screening programs make sure that we revere your family too
  • We won't let your intelligence get rust. Rather we find all ways to enhance it to the fullest. That is our aim behind the learning and development scheme. Peach IT provides opportunities for our people to learn from all around the globe
  • It is a lifetime benefit that we offer inclusive of the retirement savings program. We happily contribute to the retirement plans to ensure that you will have a peaceful future life as well